Motorola Baby Monitor

Motorola Baby MonitorMotorola Baby Monitor has had many series since it’s first appearance. One of the most popular is Motorola MBP36. This digital audio baby monitor posseses an impressive range up to 200 meters by getting an out of range warning, enabling you to definitely maneuver the house or yard easily, knowing you’ll hear once your child is awake.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor MBP36 encrypts the audio data it transfers for further security and satisfaction. The MBP36 also features two-way communication for getting a chance to speak or sing for the baby remotely, to be able to contact someone inside the room.

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Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36

This Motorola Baby Monitor has many features, here are some of them:

Up to 200M Range with “Out-of-Range” Warning
The superior wireless range of the Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36 lets you keep connected to your baby up to 200 meters away. So even if you have a larger home, you don’t have to give up safety or the ability to stay connected to your little one. An alarm sounds when you’re getting out of range of the transmitting unit, so you’ll never have to wonder if you’re close enough to hear what’s going on.

Additional Camera Capability
In addition to acting as a video monitor, the Motorola Video Baby Monitor MBP36 has a camera functionality to take digital pictures when needed. Click here for Motorola Additional Camera.

Data Encryption for Security
The Motorola MBP36 encrypts the audio data it transfers for added security and peace of mind.

2.4GHz FHSS Technology with Two-Way Communication
The 2.4GHz FHSS technology offers a more reliable wireless connection over previous cordless technologies such as 900MHz cordless antennas. That means better range and less chance of missing something important in your baby’s room due to a weak or dropped signal. Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36 also features two-way communication for being able to speak or sing to your baby remotely, or to communicate with a partner in the room.

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